Wednesday’s READY FOR YOUR COMIC ARTIST REMIX – Cannot think of anything? Here you go!

Ready for your comic artist remix!…. I know there are plenty of things happening in the world, especially in PARIS,  but if you cannot think of anything here you go!  Take one or all to make your next comic gag. Bend, hammer, and shape them into something cool. MAKE SURE IF YOU USE THE IDEA SEND ME WHAT YOU DID WITH IT!… I would love to see it…..

  1. Several lines at the gates of hell with signs saying – “Generally Bad” “Murderers” “Financial Thieves” “Chemical Weapon Makers and Users”. Two men in the generally bad line are talking. Caption: “Do you think the inventors of chemical weapons go to the front of the line in Hell? Or does he give them a special lab in Hell to continue their work?”
  2. If you want to survive always be the one telling others what to do.
  3. Skulls and miscellaneous odd hood ornaments in the desert next to a road. One Skull is look through some binoculars at some Rat Rods coming their way he says “Look sharp boys. Our tickets out of here are heading this way!”
  4. Whisky and knife juggling do not mix
  5. It is never easy to pretend it never happened, especially when a crocodile, fish bait, and hot fudge sundaes involved.
  6. Man and a woman walking into a hot rod part store. He is very happy and she is tight lipped mad. Two Parts are on the shelf looking at them. One says: “PSST!…PSST!…Look who’s ALLOWED to get a new part!”
  7. Restaurant Kitchen: Two chef’s looking at another chef covered with pasta spitting out of a machine. “Kitchen Wars”
  8. Opening night for Major League Baseball Game. On the mound is Jason from Friday the 13th
  9. Man to a woman on a date. “I never tip. It’s my calling card.”
  10. A real jerky looking man in a football jersey sitting in recliner watching sports on TV with a laptop. “Armchair Quarter Back 2.0”


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