Throwing GAG ideas out there TUESDAY

Ready for your comic artist remix!…. Take one or all to make your next comic gag. Bend, hammer, and shape them into something cool. MAKE SURE IF YOU USE THE IDEA SEND ME WHAT YOU DID WITH IT!… I would love to see it…..

  1. Dog smoking a cigar and a cat a pipe in a living room next to a mad owner. “Ever heard of of secondhand smoke.”
  2. Sign on a large building. “Secretary Convention” Two business men are talking as they walk past a long line for entry. “Somewhere in there is my next Affair.”
  3. Two cats with reindeer antlers talking. “I feel like a badass.”
  4. Man with extremely bad nose hair at a barber supply shop looking at trimmers. Store Clerk says, “Can I help… your nose sir?”
  5. Family game night. Everyone is dressed in football gear sitting at a table about to play some board games. “Robinson Friday Family Game Night under the Kitchen lights”
  6. The winner of the American’s Can Dance hit TV show was on top of the world until they discovered they we cheating by having ants in their pants.
  7. After resisting all temptation to have his web address tattooed to his arm, he opted for the forehead.
  8. Grumpy old man posts an image of himself on a social media site. Image: “I am not Social… So Unfriend me”
  9. Old Man sitting at a table eating a breakfast with his wife. “They are making me start one of those new fancy social media account today at work.”
  10. Opening night for Major League Baseball Game. On the mound is Jason from Friday the 13th.

All of these will make something cool.  They just need your abilities to fine tune them and make them stellar.




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