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Got to finish up  deadline? Need a Crowbar?

Use one of these for your story or for your gag… Plop one right down in the middle of things….

  1.  …That’s the great thing about being a…
  2. …In life what is  for certain…
  3. …I get the feeling they are all laughing at me…
  4. …Who really wants to talk world problems on their day off…
  5. …Don’t change the channel…
  6. …I stopped trying to learn all about life the day before yesterday…
  7. …He is just too sensitive about that subject…
  8. …I need to find something to drown my sorrows..
  9. …I cannot wait until my kids get a three times a day stomach clock instead of every thirty one minutes…
  10. …Got to break the habit…

LIFE CROWBARS – things to remix and write about…

Below are twenty things we have all thought about in some capacity. Take your character(s) and make one of them part of their story.

ChatterWhacky sketches
My son Mac and I doing some character sketches…

See if you can plug in some funny context with them.  Or take a couple and write/draw your characters having a conversation with one another.

  1. Play for keeps
  2. I like to feel needed
  3. Make us nervous
  4. Learn to be the best with what you got
  5. You think you are always right
  6. Life is full of disappointments
  7. Figure out your fears
  8. Opinions should have substance
  9. Focus your thinking
  10. I will be a good manager
  11. I create work that helps create jobs
  12. Would not want to lose it
  13. Will the emails ever stop coming
  14. You’re not listening
  15. You are always hanging around doing nothing
  16. She has a peculiar way about herself
  17. I can be pretty persuasive
  18. It takes all kinds
  19. Don’t kid yourself buddy
  20. Put them in their place