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Hand picked topic to write your monologues – 3/3/15:

1. It’s national PANCAKE DAY today….Get your free stack at IHOP

2. Southern California beach turned white by hail from storm

3. NASCAR driver Travis Kvapil’s race car stolen before Atlanta race.CAR FOUND

4. UFC’s Ronda Rousey is okay with being called pretty. She can still kick any guy’s butt.

5. Woman fakes her own kidnapping to avoid making birthday party for her boyfriend

6. James Murdoch Buys Father Rupert’s Estate

7. Walking Dead town in Georgia for sale

8. Man and woman fall asleep in dumpster 

9. ‘Cat Island’: Felines Outnumber Humans on Japan’s Aoshima Island

10. Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules

11. Life Hacks we can learn from “Fresh Off the Boat”

12. Jimmy Fallon plays EGG RUSSIAN ROULETTE

13. Kirk is missing Spock’s Funeral

14. Legendary Pictures Announces Electra Woman and Dyna Girl Remake

15. Top Conservatives are Totally Confused by Marijuana Politics

16. Brown family reportedly filming a reality show amid Bobbi Kristina tragedy

17. Dust from an ancient galaxy baffles scientist

18. No, Drinking Coffee Won’t Save Your Life Or Prevent Heart Attacks

19. Tinder PLUS is official, but pricing may annoy you

20. This guy used get-rich-quick scheme to become a millionaire in 3 weeks

21. Fugitive ex-U.S. spy Snowden in talks on returning home

22. In ATL’s airport – 1,400 airport security badges lost, stolen in a two-year period

There you go…22 topics for writing a monologue…. get to work!….



Vann Crow’s hand picked monologue topics – 2/26/2015

Hand picked stories to write your monologues:

  1. Driver near Seattle blames owl-watching for car crash 
  2. 2 Men Accused of Parachuting 200 Feet From Crane Get Tickets

  3. Toronto Police Stumped by Mysterious Tunnel
  4. Bank robbery suspect arrested after stopping for coffee
  5. Montana legislator says ‘yoga pants should be illegal in public’
  6. NYC, Orthodox Jews reach deal on circumcision suction ritual
  7. Cops seeking suspect find him after his Greyhound bus selfie
  8. San Antonio firefighters find snakes roaming in house fire
  9. ‘Drunk Dialing’ 911 More Than 100 Times Finally Gets Man A
    Response: Arrest
    – a little dated, but there is something there…
  10. Texas man arrested for fight at tax office over tightly folded money

  11. Floating strip club’s latest trouble: Human waste disposal

  12. Massachusetts man selling, shipping snow from his yard

  13. Scorpion stings Alaska Airlines passenger, delaying flight

  14. Florida ‘zombie cat’ hit with custody motion

  15. Green groups divided on Hillary Clinton’s oil interest ties 
  16. 400-year-old books stolen in Italy are found in California

  17. Smucker deal may keep activists in Kibbles ‘n Bits  2/04/15
  18. Bad weather delays US woman’s execution rescheduled for Monday

  19. Human head transplant just two years away, surgeon claims

  20. Entrepreneur: We’ve bottled brain power

  21. Want muscles? Rice is the new meat

  22. Man arrested after calling police to ‘test response time’

There you go…. get to work!….