RANDOM LINKS to websites that people put a lot of work and effort into, which are great for inspiration. I could put them in categories, but I thought no box is needed to have fun  A straight random list will do.

Note: I will try to maintain the links. If you have trouble with one please let me know.

Note II: If you have a link to share PLEASE send it my way.

Wonk Toolstruly awesome site for inspiration using KEY WORDS – You can also Key Word authors, titles, and  vocabulary. There is a  great Title Generator. 

wonk: -noun. a person who studies a subject or issue in an excessively assiduous and thorough manner – So are you a Wonker? :)

 IFRudyard Kipling

21 Best selling books of all time

Write Every Day Columbia University

Novel First Sentences Nice collection of first sentences

Absolute Write

The Library of Congress:

More Intelligent LifeLots of cool topics discussed.

nanoblogging7 words or less – Stretch the creative

Character Chart for fiction writers. A quick way to get to know your character even if you know them really well. Helps you stay organized.

Digital Spy  – UK out on the beat

Digital Spy – US out on the beat – Check out the difference

Ink Tip:

1X – Ton of great photography

One Sentence – True Stories

Mental Floss

Interactive Guide to Tolkien

 Six Sentences – Fastest fiction in the west.

Stanford – Creative Writing Program

Synonym Finder – Good as gold

World’s Funniest Joke

Indiana – Creative Writing Program

Wisconsin-Madison – Creative Writing Program

Columbia U – Creative Writing Program

George Saunders Land – Genius Funny writer

Ambiguous Words – This is a really cool list – Leave, crash, order, hit, position, hang……

NPR – voted  2011 Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books – Do you agree?

Writing With Elvish Fonts

American Library Association:

New Yorker Cartoons – Updated

Story – Robert McKee

English Scholar

Drew’s Script-O-Rama:

Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases

Cliche Finder








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