READY FOR YOUR REMIX: Gag Recap 8/29/12

Four Panel Cartoon – first panel = two triangle warning flags and wind blowing a little “Gale Flag” – second panel = rectangle red flag with black square in center and wind picked pretty strong- “Tropical Storm Flag” third panel = two tropical storm flags and wind very strong – “Hurricane Flag” – final panel = family in a living room hiding behind a reclining chair holding a white flag  and TV set blasting away “Political Convention Flag” ~By: Joe Heller on the Cagle Post

Chew on it and see how you can spin it with a new idea!

LITTLE HELP – Imagine what the above description would look like…then create you own version but mix it up with another topic LIKE – Your Mom yelling at you after you not cleaning your room….or maybe it is road rage….or a famous baseball player yelling at an umpire…

Now check out Joe Heller’s version


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