Questions to get that writing day going?

Are you on a deadline and need some random questions to get the flow going?

How about some pry-bar imagination questions:

Take each one of these questions and turn them into a story, joke, cartoon. These questions are not anything new or special, but for the most part if create something with them , your audience will get what you are talking about. Take a couple of them and combine them.

1. Do you know your name’s heritage? Irish Welsh…there is a lot to be sad about that combination

2. How many comes in a box? The last time I checked there were

3. What color is your poop today?

4. How cold is outer Space on your skin?

5. When year did you graduate high school?

6. You think you are better than me?

7. How do you like it?

8. Is a poor man a lazy man?

9. What is cool about your best friend?

10. Are you ever going to stop _________?

11. Do you watch too much TV?

12. What is the latest horrible fashion trend?

13. Who are you going to call?

14. How do you act naturally?

15. If you were missing how could you be found?

16. How can a resident become an alien?

17. What is an advanced personality with a basic look?

18. Is your love life genuine or an imitation?

19. What is your Job?

20. Do you have a secret?

21. Are you a Millennial or a Baby Boomer?

22. Do you prefer coffee or energy drinks or BOTH?

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