Part of the 1000 Creative Spark List

As part of a bonus to the The Creative Crowbar Reference VOL.1 book I will be including a list of 1000 creative sparks. They are word combinations that can be used to start a poem, the first sentence in a novel, get you out of a writing jam, inspiration for some joke…the list goes on and on for you. Below is a quick glance at a few from the middle of the list. See if you can use one today!…

507. Angry Gobstopper

508. Gaffer Rack

509. Sand Mountain

510. Sound of Orange

511. Orange Darts

512. Pale Face

513. Blue Shoe

514. Shaggy Moves

515. Upsized Downsizer

516. Dream Surrounded

517. Online Crash

518. Fortune Cookie

519. Fountain Pen Repairer

520. Special Sponser

521. Sea Storm

522. Infused Blues


So there you go, a quick list of some words that could inspire you on a project.

I recently came across this book. If you have time to read it, I would reccomend you do so sooner than later.

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