Need a topic to write about?

Need a topic to write about? Try one of these.

Add your spin to these topics and people will listen.

What food do you hate?
What to you spend your money on…
Do your priorities stink?
Waiting for your daughter to return from her first date
There is nothing worse than being scolded by grandma.
Are you a candidate for “FATHER OF THE YEAR.”
Things that are “BANNED”
People who always want to help
Married men and affairs
TV Executives
Tools that perplex people
Beverly Hills
There has to be a drug that makes you caller.
The third date with your potential significant other
What job have you been fired from?
Human potential
When the phone rings a 3AM
Runway models
What’s your dream job
Riddles from the past and present
Come to grips your past
Unsung Heroes
Bad genes
Kicking someone’s butt
Border Patrol
Toilet seat down/up
When was the last time you saw someone before the died
Being over weight
Taking you spouse out to eat on a special date.
Kids and toys
Scented candles
TV Promotes violence
Always making trouble
Mind your own business
Going hunting for wild pigs
Truck Drivers
Is the defendant guilty or innocent
Multi-generations of family alcoholics
Economic decisions
Running scared from something
Divorcing is hard
Vacation in the mountains.
What do retired couples do together?
Alcohol: any Scotch, whisky, beer

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