Need a little spark for your story?

Pick up your story pace…use these words to do it!…

This list is for pure inspiration  Take any line of words and you can come up with an idea to help out on what ever you are writing…..From Twitter, comedy material, or a page in your novel. They are little sparks. Not much of anything, but it could be just what you needed. 


Pile it on Maybe
Saint of the Kitchen
They’re back with an attitude
Alley Cat
Tiki Chicken
The Vino is flow
Date Night with the In-laws
Paper Burner
Fur-balls Sux.
Non-Profit Spammers
Speakeasy on South Street
Lighting Kills
Never the end
Episode from the last illness
Search and rescue
Category 10
Knee Deep Water
Firework Cities
Sword in the Hand
Who Lives and Who Dies
Overdrive Gears
Traffic Jam
Keep up or get out of the way
Dog days of Spring
High Definition
Believe Me Woman, I know
Bold Moves
Tests to Run
Raging Maniac

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