Need a job title for a character?

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Need to create a character for your story, but don’t know where to start?

How about random list of job titles for characters and something odd to help get a character built.CrowbarLOGO-JobTitles

Accounting Director – Has Dyslexia

Actuary – Hates Probability

Anesthesiologist – Has a drug habit

Architect – Lives in a barn

Attorney / Lawyer – Cannot Spell

Biomedical Engineer – Is a serial killer

Biotechnology Research Scientist – Is a spy

Business Development Analyst – Sell cocaine

Business Operations Manager – For a Bra Manufacturer

Certified Public Accountant – Pays off the IRS

Civil Engineer – Destroys Environment

Clinical Research Associate – Make homemade candles

Clinical Services Director – Is a graffiti artist

Compensation Analyst – Married to a garbage collector

Computer and Information Scientist – Sneezes loud constantly

Construction Estimator – Is a mafia henchman

Construction Project Manager – Is homeless

Customer Service Manager – Has anger issues

Database Administrator – Types very slow

Dentist – Has bad breath

Director of Communications – For a mom and pop store

Director of Nursing – Runs an escort service for the terminally ill

Emergency Room Physician – Missing two fingers

Employment Recruiter – Has OCD

Environmental Engineer – Hates

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist – Has a fear of heights

Geographic Information Systems Analyst

Healthcare Consultant – Cannot stand fruit

Healthcare Services Program Director

Hospital Administrator – Loves to pop ballons

Human Resources Consultant

Information Systems Security Engineer –

Information Technology Business Analyst – For a .COM start-up

Intensive Care Unit Nurse – Is forgetful

Management Consultant – Hates Rats

Marketing Consultant – Is antisocial

Medical Case Manager – Loves Chocolate

Network Operations Project Manager – Former Navy Officer

Nursing Home Director – Is 25 years old

Obstetrician / Gynecologist – Has a foot fetish

Outside Sales Manager – For a grass seed company

Physical Therapist – Over eats

Physical Therapy Director – Weighs 450Lbs

Physician Assistant – Steals money from wallets

Product Management Director – Texas cattle farm

Project Engineer – For NYC MTA

Psychiatrist – Is into S&M

Public Relations Director – Pharmaceutical Company

Regional Sales Manager – The Garlic Farm

Rehabilitation Services Director – Is a quadriplegic

Research & Development Manager – For Hot Wheels

Risk Management Manager – A Nuclear Casualty Insurance Trust Company

Sales Account Manager – A rat trap company

Sales Director – A meatball manufacture

Security Director – For a Circus

Senior Data Analyst – Reads romance novels

Senior Product Development Scientist

Senior Sales Executive – For a RV business

Social Worker – Hates kids

Software Architect – Builds Gazabos

Software Engineering / Development Director

Speech-Language Pathologist – Has a lisp

Statistician – Has a Jelly bean Collection

Structural Engineer – Is a Boy Scout Troop Leader

Systems Engineer – Reads Poetry

Technical Services Manager – Runs Hot Rod Car Shows

Technical Writer – Has Arthritis

Telecommunications Network Engineer – Loves Heavy Metal

Test Software Development Engineer – Writes children’s books

Training Development Director – Never went to college

Web Developer – Avid mountain climber

Web Project Manager – Does not know how to code

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