How about a 30 minute take on Creativity by John Cleese?


Check out – The Pythons: Autobiography – A CREATIVE CROWBAR-RECOMMENDED STUDY

OK… now….How about a big list of the creative sparks as well? Use these words to ignite your next project. They are totally spontaneous thoughts waiting for you to corral them into something magical.

Bionic Brain

Fruit Flyers

Play Indian

Violet Storm

Bottoms High

Goodbye Wished

Medium Fat

Operator Factor

Joint Success

Team Out

Routine Farts

Greased Molasses

Center Axle

Rain Stopper

Dang Dog

Junior Graded

Penny Arcade

Got Stiffed

Toll Charged

Wild Again

Snack Overload

Old Blue Eyed

Wrecked Wrecker

Tall Packed

Over Lightweight

Scrambled Toast

Roasted Bird

Scored Research

Need No Money

Whipped Cheese

Cancel Forward

Standard Standard

Hard Cored

Spotted Stripes

Tight Beginning

First Crasher

Survive Seconds

All Smiles

Out Foxed

Pluck those Feathers

One Thing Left To Do

Odd Findings

Bee Honey

Wild Rat

Round About Way

Crabby Smile


Standard Call

Blue Boobs

Served Kindness

Down Vibe

Bold Clevage

Three For Three

Balled Hands

Kick Block

In and Out

Nose Fumes

Missed Feelings

Gag Re-Cap – A turkey in a kitchen cooking a meal. The oven door is open and it is holding a turkey leg in its hand with a bite taken out of it. “Oh my God, I AM good”


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