You might have seen these writing tips from Earnest before..worth another look.

Tips worth a second look…

Source Open Culture 



1: To get started, write one true sentence.

2: Always stop for the day while you still know what will happen next.

3: Never think about the story when you’re not working.

4: When it’s time to work again, always start by reading what you’ve written so far.

5: Don’t describe an emotion–make it.

6: Use a pencil.

7: Be Brief.

For full explanations view – Source Open Culture 

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Twenty for Thursday + Some bonus Half-baked ideas

Got a deadline?  Need a Crowbar?

Use one of these for your story or for your gag.  Plop one right down in the middle of things. They can be your set-ups, your beats, part of a punchline, character’s point of view in dialogue… just about anything… Most all have an emotion tied to it.

  1.  …Help teach kids _________….
  2. …Big man in the world of___________…
  3. …Evade is my middle name  and  ___________ is my ___________…
  4. …I have always been afraid of _____________…
  5. …_____________  remains a mystery…
  6. …___________ are smiling at me, and it’s awkward_______…
  7. …_____________ appreciates what you said…
  8. …You better act like___________…
  9. …Every time I try it ends up being wrong, until _____________…
  10. …It’s my priority to teach them about germ ________________ …
  11. …__________ needs help being a better person…
  12. …Let me see if I understand what you are ___________…
  13. …We had the same dream two days in a row _________…
  14. …Shout on the phone ___________….
  15. …Is it a peace plan or a how can we profit plan ________…
  16. …____________  nervous wreck all the time….
  17. …It has to be taken care of _________…
  18. …Try to give up ____________…
  19. …It’s all your fault that we  __________…
  20. ….__________  was in a panic and froze….
Half-backed ideas….

– Regular work is for everyone else.

– A college education pays for itself only fifteen percent of the time. Suddenly I have a lot of enthusiasm.

-Jack Straw was all dressed up for the main even fight held in China. He even wore his best propaganda lapel pen so they would know.

-Social Beverage Lunches have been out for a long time! One reason: It’s not acceptable because your employer cannot get as much work out of you.

-Under enemy fire! I need help, the boss sent his doom squad to review my data.

–  Man on a beach in a lounge chair singing. “I got the tropical island blues.”

– Snowball firing squad. We’ll teach that joker who knocked over our snowman.

– I wonder if Tumor Scooper is a bad name for a surgical tool?

– A former pro-sports player stands on a street corner asking for spare change from passing fans.

– Giant city chickens from Estonia are taking over Central Park in an effort to corral the expanding bird watchers market.

Have a great productive day and prove to your audience it’s worth their time!



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Cartoons are created to amuse kids, and they have nothing useful for grownups” – is something that I get to hear quite often, but that does not stop me from still being in love with them. And I love cartoons not just because of their extremely efficient stress-busting quality. When I look closely and delve deeper beyond the usual plot, I find that every cartoon character has a deeper story to tell and a far-reaching lesson to teach me every time.



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“Can you get cooties from kissing?”


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11 Random THINGS THAT HAPPEN in life that put on the kibash


Think about the everyday things that happen… something breaks, a deadline looms, the car takes a bit to start, or the mail is late.

  1. Spill the food you just spent hours cooking on the floor
  2. A new person in the relationship breaks the date
  3. Kid puts something bad into their mouth and gets hurt
  4. Slip and fall
  5. Car breaks down
  6. Battery goes bad in car
  7. Run out of soap in the shower
  8. Get a heavy duty hangover
  9. Deadline is tomorrow
  10. Get Finger-Banged
  11. Mail delivery does not have what you are expecting

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