Hand picked topic to write your monologues – 3/3/15:

1. It’s national PANCAKE DAY today….Get your free stack at IHOP

2. Southern California beach turned white by hail from storm

3. NASCAR driver Travis Kvapil’s race car stolen before Atlanta race.CAR FOUND

4. UFC’s Ronda Rousey is okay with being called pretty. She can still kick any guy’s butt.

5. Woman fakes her own kidnapping to avoid making birthday party for her boyfriend

6. James Murdoch Buys Father Rupert’s Estate

7. Walking Dead town in Georgia for sale

8. Man and woman fall asleep in dumpster 

9. ‘Cat Island’: Felines Outnumber Humans on Japan’s Aoshima Island

10. Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules

11. Life Hacks we can learn from “Fresh Off the Boat”

12. Jimmy Fallon plays EGG RUSSIAN ROULETTE

13. Kirk is missing Spock’s Funeral

14. Legendary Pictures Announces Electra Woman and Dyna Girl Remake

15. Top Conservatives are Totally Confused by Marijuana Politics

16. Brown family reportedly filming a reality show amid Bobbi Kristina tragedy

17. Dust from an ancient galaxy baffles scientist

18. No, Drinking Coffee Won’t Save Your Life Or Prevent Heart Attacks

19. Tinder PLUS is official, but pricing may annoy you

20. This guy used get-rich-quick scheme to become a millionaire in 3 weeks

21. Fugitive ex-U.S. spy Snowden in talks on returning home

22. In ATL’s airport – 1,400 airport security badges lost, stolen in a two-year period

There you go…22 topics for writing a monologue…. get to work!….



22 Hand picked news topics for your monologues – 2/27/2015

Hand picked topic to write your monologues:

  1. Paris Hilton visits Cuba
  2. The Good, The Bad and The Weird: Crunchy KFC Coffee
  3. Massive black hole discovered 2 billion light-years away
  4. Woman Knocked out in Seattle ”Drive-by Egging”
  5. Sen. Jim Inhofe Throws Snowball on Senate Floor in Attempt to Debunk Climate Change
  6. Virginia to compensate victims of forced sterilizations
  7. Adultery no longer a crime in South Korea
  8. March is National Read Aloud Month
  9. 500 Commuters Rescued From Train Stuck Outside Philadelphia Train
  10. Harrison Ford to star in Blade Runner sequel
  11. Apple Sends Invite for Surprise Event on March 9
  12. The big melt: Antarctica’s retreating ice my re-shape Earth
  13. NASA’s drought-predicting satellite is almost ready to begin work
  14. Not even frozen eyeballs can keep Ohio man from biking to work in winter
  15. Digging snow tunnels is now a thing
  16. Science says taking the train is better for your health than driving to work
  17. After-hours Work Email Has Created a Stressful New Night Shift
  18. More than 8 hours of sleep linked to increased stroke risk
  19. Where do your old cloths go?
  20. Maraschino Cherry Tycoon: The Secret Drug Lair New York City Police Uncovered
  21. Crates of chickens fly out of tractor-trailer
  22. Vine launches KID-FRIENDLY app

    There you go…22 topics for writing a monologue…. get to work!….


Vann Crow’s hand picked monologue topics – 2/26/2015

Hand picked stories to write your monologues:

  1. Driver near Seattle blames owl-watching for car crash 
  2. 2 Men Accused of Parachuting 200 Feet From Crane Get Tickets

  3. Toronto Police Stumped by Mysterious Tunnel
  4. Bank robbery suspect arrested after stopping for coffee
  5. Montana legislator says ‘yoga pants should be illegal in public’
  6. NYC, Orthodox Jews reach deal on circumcision suction ritual
  7. Cops seeking suspect find him after his Greyhound bus selfie
  8. San Antonio firefighters find snakes roaming in house fire
  9. ‘Drunk Dialing’ 911 More Than 100 Times Finally Gets Man A
    Response: Arrest
    – a little dated, but there is something there…
  10. Texas man arrested for fight at tax office over tightly folded money

  11. Floating strip club’s latest trouble: Human waste disposal

  12. Massachusetts man selling, shipping snow from his yard

  13. Scorpion stings Alaska Airlines passenger, delaying flight

  14. Florida ‘zombie cat’ hit with custody motion

  15. Green groups divided on Hillary Clinton’s oil interest ties 
  16. 400-year-old books stolen in Italy are found in California

  17. Smucker deal may keep activists in Kibbles ‘n Bits  2/04/15
  18. Bad weather delays US woman’s execution rescheduled for Monday

  19. Human head transplant just two years away, surgeon claims

  20. Entrepreneur: We’ve bottled brain power

  21. Want muscles? Rice is the new meat

  22. Man arrested after calling police to ‘test response time’

There you go…. get to work!….


Got to finish up  deadline? Need a Crowbar?

Use one of these for your story or for your gag… Plop one right down in the middle of things….

  1.  …That’s the great thing about being a…
  2. …In life what is  for certain…
  3. …I get the feeling they are all laughing at me…
  4. …Who really wants to talk world problems on their day off…
  5. …Don’t change the channel…
  6. …I stopped trying to learn all about life the day before yesterday…
  7. …He is just too sensitive about that subject…
  8. …I need to find something to drown my sorrows..
  9. …I cannot wait until my kids get a three times a day stomach clock instead of every thirty one minutes…
  10. …Got to break the habit…

What does your character do for a living? What’s ODD about it?


Accounting Director – Has Dyslexia

Actuary – Hates Probability

Anesthesiologist – Has a drug habit

Architect – Lives in a barn

Attorney / Lawyer – Cannot Spell

Bio-medical Engineer – Is a serial killer

Biotechnology Research Scientist – Is a spy

Business Development Analyst – Sell cocaine

Business Operations Manager – For a Bra Manufacturer

Certified Public Accountant – Pays off the IRS

Civil Engineer – Destroys Environment

Clinical Research Associate – Make homemade candles

Clinical Services Director – Is a graffiti artist

Compensation Analyst – Married to a garbage collector

Computer and Information Scientist – Sneezes loud constantly

Construction Estimator – Is a mafia henchman

Construction Project Manager – Lives like a  homeless person

Customer Service Manager – Has anger issues

Database Administrator – Types very slow

Dentist – Has bad breath

Director of Communications – For a mom and pop store

Director of Nursing – Runs an escort service for the terminally ill

Emergency Room Physician – Missing two fingers

Employment Recruiter – Has OCD

Environmental Engineer – Hates the outdoors

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist – Has a fear of heights

Geographic Information Systems Analyst – Is color blind

Healthcare Consultant – Cannot stand fruit

Healthcare Services Program Director – Is always sick

Hospital Administrator – Loves to pop balloons

Human Resources Consultant – Hate people

Information Systems Security Engineer – Love getting high

Information Technology Business Analyst – For a .COM start-up

Intensive Care Unit Nurse – Is forgetful

Management Consultant – Hates Rats

Marketing Consultant – Is antisocial

Medical Case Manager – Loves Chocolate

Network Operations Project Manager – Former Navy Officer

Nursing Home Director – Is 25 years old

Obstetrician / Gynecologist – Has a foot fetish

Outside Sales Manager – For a grass seed company

Physical Therapist – Over eats

Physical Therapy Director – Weighs 450Lbs

Physician Assistant – Steals money from wallets

Product Management Director – Texas cattle farm

Project Engineer – For NYC MTA

Psychiatrist – Is into S&M

Public Relations Director – Pharmaceutical Company

Regional Sales Manager – For a Garlic Farm

Rehabilitation Services Director – Is a quadriplegic

Research & Development Manager – For Hot Wheels

Risk Management Manager –  For a Nuclear Casualty Insurance Trust Company

Sales Account Manager – A rat trap company

Sales Director – A meatball manufacture

Security Director – For a Circus

Senior Data Analyst – Reads romance novels

Senior Product Development Scientist – Hates Clutter

Senior Sales Executive – For a RV business

Social Worker – Hates kids

Software Architect – Builds Gazebos

Software Engineering / Development Director – Extremely disorganized 

Speech-Language Pathologist – Has a lisp

Statistician – Has a Jelly bean Collection

Structural Engineer – Is a Boy Scout Troop Leader

Systems Engineer – Reads Poetry

Technical Services Manager – Runs Hot Rod Car Shows

Technical Writer – Has Arthritis

Telecommunications Network Engineer – Loves Heavy Metal

Test Software Development Engineer – Writes children’s books

Training Development Director – Never went to college

It’s FRIDAY the 13th and the best thing for you is….

It’s FRIDAY the 13th and the best thing for you is…. some random internet surfing…




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35 Random Corners of the Internet you should visit when you need a break – Source Buzzfeed

Are just a few to get you started…

More random THINGS THAT HAPPEN in life that put on the kibash

Think about the everyday things that happen… something breaks, a deadline looms, the car takes a bit to start, or the mail is late.

Dear jumps out in front of you while driving on the interstate

Package delivered broken

Kid lies to you

Lose money

Lose your bikini top

Your dog gets fleas

Find a typo in your published article

Gym membership expires

Lose your w2 tax form

Get cut off on the interstate by a grandma

Printer jams with your resume in it

Twisted Torment on Twitter

Bizarre “beauty treatments” 1930s
Freezing freckles off w/carbon dioxide pic.twitter.com/1TgYgOKZjE

Source: twitter.com


Very awesome – interactive water light graffiti wall installation

Very awesome interactive water light graffiti wall installation by Antonin Fourneau – see the article here Design Boom



‘water light graffiti’ by antonin fourneau

conceived by french digitalarti artlab residence designer antonin fourneau, ‘water light graffiti’ is a wall comprised of thousands
of LED lights that become illuminated through contact with water or moisture. located in poitiers, france, the public installation can be
manipulated with a paintbrush, water gun, fingers or anything damp to embed a vivid digital message. the piece forms
an interactive communal urban space which visually communicates ephemeral messages without deterioration.

“Write a gag for this one!…. even if you don’t it look like it would bring out the kid in all of us!”

see the article here Design Boom

Why We’re Looking for Alien Life on Moons, Not Just Planets | WIRED

Think “moon” and you probably envision a desolate, cratered landscape, maybe with an American flag and some old astronaut footprints. Earth’s moon is no place for living things. But that isn’t necessarily true for every moon.

Source: www.wired.com


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