Get your Western Genre on!

I feel like saying HI Ya”ll to start this post, but that might not be correct. I think HOWDY works better. I am sure Roy Rogers would approve. In any case, I wanted to gather some bits of creative inspiration for the folks out there who might be interested in conjuring up some kind of story about Cowboys. I have a timer on this one so it will have to be a fast produced post. As usual these post are to help get the Creative juices flowing. This is not in any way considered historically or  academically correct. It is inspirational only.

For starters how about a couple quick links Western Genre Wiki – Gunfighter – So ya wanna be a Cowboy?

Some words associated with Westerns:

American Old West – Cavalry- Outlaw – Railroads – Cactus – Ponderosa – Wagon Train – Boots – Spurs – Colt 45 – Indians – Buffalo – Roundup – Cattle Drive – Territory – Dodge City – Cattlemen – Wrangler – Blue Skies – Long Horns – Cowboy Hats – Saddles – Tin Can Coffee – Buckaroo – Cowhand – Cowpuncher – Great Plains – Civil War – Frontier – Hopalong Cassidy – Train Robbery – Buffalo Bill – Wyatt Earp – Dude Ranch

General central plot in a the western genre – Maintain Law and Order on the frontier.

Here is a great link to a site for to a Writer’s Guide to the Old West

Here is a bigger list of Phrases and Slang form the Old West

How about a GAG ReCAP:

~ Cowboy Standing at the bar with his gun Drawn. The Barkeep is Standing there frowning. In the background you see some very elaborate curtains on the windows. “You have till sundown to get rid of those awful curtains.”

All right, how about that…. Fifteen minutes of Western content for those needing some inspiration. Don’t get to caught up in researching. Use what Is here and get going! You can dig deeper later. Right now Just GO! Get’er Done!

If you need a book to read about writing westerns or about cowboys hurry and check this on out –How to Write Western Novels

Westerns not doing it for you? To finish up this post how about a LIST OF GENRES?



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