Gag Re-Caps: POLITICAL / WORLD – March 2013

Gag Re-Caps: POLITICAL / WORLD – March 2013

Need some inspiration for your next cartoon or story? Below is a quick list of recent political and world cartoon descriptions.

~ Newly appointed pope dressed in a mix of traditional Pope and a South American garb including a poncho style scarf, a golden belt embossed with a cross, and a cowboy hat.

~ The president is holding a large poster board. On the board is a sports tournament brackets. On each line of the brackets tax hike is written all the way to the finals.

~ Dogs are standing by a mailbox at the end of a driveway. Laying on the ground next to them is a news paper with the heading explaining the US Post Office has stopped Saturday deliveries.

~ Cardinals are waiting outside next to the official Pope Security Mobile. One of them is explaining the newly elected Pope took the bus instead.

~ Vice President Candidate Ryan is in a classroom. He is writing on a chalk board over and over about him learning his lesson about the 2012 election.

~ Four Panels – Church roof with a small chimney stack. In three of the panels there has black smoke flowing into the air. The last panel has white smoke. Two people are observing. One of them questions if the smoke will affect climate change. The other has a list of problems including abuse scandals, women, marriage, and birth control.

~ A bunch of elephants on Pogo sticks are crashing into a ceiling. They are all complaining about raising the debt ceiling.

~ The president is patting the back of a severely chocking elephant. Nonchalantly he explains the elephant is chocking of the new trillion dollar coin.

~ Elephant and a donkey are wearing tee-shirts. The elephant’s shirt says it is not his fault. The donkey’s shirt says it’s his fault.

~ We see a church chimney with white smoke in the shape of South America.


Descriptions are for reference only.

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