DOUBLE WORD creative writing triggers

Dear Writers, Humorist, Gag comic artist, Bloggers –

“Halfbaked thoughts grow better when transplanted into other minds compared to the ones where they sprung up. ” These are for you! 

This  LIST THAT CAN BE USED OVER AND OVER to help you with your writing. Skim and pick a Creative Crowbar from the list.  Then start writing. If you are stuck in the middle of a novel, pick a crowbar. If you are stuck with your blog, pick a crowbar. It is not guaranteed to stir the brain, but I am positive will get you going with something….

If you like these and  would like a list of 1000 get in touch with me…

Starting Points
Take Advice
Eat Vomit
Eyes Truths
Read Bible
Attack Diet
Top Rated
Going Broke
Balls Out
Forgiving Love
Lazy Eye
Cat-Food Smell
Bank Overcharged
Sea Dogs
Silent quartet
Body Odorless
Worthy King
Sensible People
Unwoven Woman
Violent Frogs
Cricket Sounds
Guided Fool
Summer Snow
Snap Shot
Point Destruction
Yellow River
Shift Gears
Planet Alignment
Too Many
Diaper Rash
Flew Over
Weed Tree
Baked Pie
Army Ranger
Stacked Bet
Over the Top
Negative Horsepower
Gassed Up
Major Accident
Plagued Emotions
Salad Wax
Chanced Catch
Excavator Championship
Paint Out
Executive Decision
Nasty People
Gamma Burn
Express Service
Lost and Found
Chose Weapons
Pickled Pie
Taxes DUE
Race Time
Stage Pains
Jack Trader
Hideous Face
Unfortunate Clown
Dinky Boat
Share Money
User Fabrication
Critical Move
Acquired Taste
Occupied Mind
Pimples Concealed
Farmhouse Quandary
Worm Feeder
Scooter Modified
Insurance Un-adjusted
Rider Panicked
Pie Judge
Shoot Scored
Genuine Rawhide
Dolls Salvaged
Driveling Droll
Twisted Metal
Over Positive
Emotional Camouflage
Astonishing Lights
Noble Breed
Frigid Womb
Neighborhood Trash
Atomize Fears
Tiresome Wars
Sinister Cat
Scrumptious Jello
Gallant Steed
Business Reviewed
One  Anniversary
Solar Explosion
Catastrophic Whimper
Omnipotent Itself
Top Shelf Speed
Back Breaker
Double Shot
Serious Money
Crappy Tuesday
Over Topped
Plumbed Pipes
Dull Razor
Raspberry Crush
Alarms Set off
Tailgates  Party
Alpha Bigfoot
Away Home
Single Pipe


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