Crowbars #42

Good feelings and Wishes to everyone! The day is always as grand as you want it to be starting NOW! Talking to friends and with agreement to their delightful suggestions, I will now eat one piece of chocolate everyday until the end.

Stage two or six, I am not sure which one, is about to happen with all future posts. Inspiration comes from over two thousand miles away, but with only seconds time out of my turning corners life. Thank you Havi (said with a British accent)

Every day I ponder what might inspire the Next Great Something:
THEN ~ Digging around in the dirt as a kid :: NOW ~ Digging around in the world as an adult. – Creates the Smile

Passion comes from joy riding around what could be and shaping it into what is….Having conversations daily with my muse attracts the of nuts and bolts of creatures and spaceships. I love the anticipation and appreciate all that comes.

WARNING: The sum of these parts never equal the parts of the whole of your NEXT GREAT SOMETHING. Use at your own fun and story telling will.


Defined ~ In a plot to spark an idea I want you to take these and make them into something useful for your story, script, blog, cartoon, or just anything you feel will be interesting. 

  • When you gotta go….you gotta go
  • Today I will get the safest seat on the airplane, right next to the crapper.
  • An elephant walked into a bar in Times Square.
  • I really don’t know what to say to my girlfriend after last night
  • Don’t worry, I had vodka, they will not be able to smell it on my breath
  • If I lived in Madagascar would you still come visit me?
  • My popularity is at an all time low.
  • Yesterday we walked on  a nude beach in Cancun
  • What would happen if a country completely collapsed?
  • If you think your mom will forgive you then tell her.
  • No matter how loud you yell the chair will not respond.
  • Sure would be great if we had a way to to wake up and know grammar like those grammar girls
  • When is the last time you cleaned your house like your mom does?

BREAKERS: Solid Brick,Dark Side for the Dance Club,Liquid Sugar,Lima Beam,Grand Daddy Short Legs,Gray Sun Rocks,Thunder Shakes,Mind Joggers


Defined ~ Just when you thought you knew what I was going to write…

  • Thunder Shakes
  • Ticket to no success
  • I am on top of the pincushion
  • Mass Construction
  • Breaker 1-20
  • Drop in the Barrel
  • Beating around the Giant Redwood
  • Chow Up
  • Lima Beam
  • Gut Smelling
  • Icing on the roof
  • If it is not one thing, it’s nothing
  • Kick start your bad habit
  • Don’t hold your lungs
  • Hit the spot inside the hole
  • Firing on all players
  • Granddaddy short legs
  • Dark side of the dance club


Defined ~ A great prop properly placed builds character…what can you build your character with?

  • Micheal Weston’s Sunglasses…for that matter Bill Gates Glasses
  • Give’em a haircut
  • Cherry Pie
  • Zoro’s mask
  • Dennis Rodman’s new hair color
  • Crocodile Dundee’s large knife
  • Pink Panties
  • Surfing on a long board
  • Nitrous Oxide tank in the trunk.
  • Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber


Quick look at Sports Talk Radio

  • Fire the people up with controversial subjects.
  • Premier place for talking trash.
  • Analyze the numbers with people who know and those that don’t
  • “That concerns me”…the opinions swaying people to a specific direction.
  • Callers are goldmines for comedy
  • Pep Talks – “You got to make the shots when you need too.”
  • You have to have controversy on every level.
  • “All fed up”  You should be to as a fan.
  • Got the “Call them out.”
  • I went to school with him.


Joe Spinelli fired off insults to his local radio fans every night. They all loved, laughed, and talked about it. Everyone except one struggling ball player who could not shake the disrespect.



And finally, if you are looking for Crowbar 1 thru 41 you will not find them. I don’t like starting with one and going forward, so I started at the next best number. Thank you Doug.


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