Creative Crowbar Reaction Thesaurus: ENTRY ONE

My observations of emotional reactions to common occurrences for you Creative Crowbar.

Look out into your world and you will see people reacting to everything and multiple ways. It could be the same issue, but each person will have a different reaction. The following are some issues and the reactions I have observed. Look them over, and think about how you would react. Think about how your character in your book would react.

Here is a top one that get all kinds of reaction. A person gets cut off while driving. The reaction almost always F*** YOU!….How many times do you think people want to just ram the living shit out of the car in front of them to get revenge? Probably to many to count in a day.


So that is your CREATIVE CROWBAR from the reaction thesaurus — What could your cartoon, character or joke do with all that emotion that occurs from one car cutting off another?


How about some creative Road Rage by Stephen King

Inception: The Shooting Script

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