60 Short But Bizarre Words We Should All Use More

But not all big words are a foot and a half long — or (to use a big word for that) sesquipedalian. Thousands are relatively short — if not downright stubby — and include even one-syllable words….

1. natiform: buttocks-like

2. anderun: harem

3. terete: torpedo-shaped

4. cortinate: cobweb-like

5. sinistral: on or to the left

6. squage: to dirty with handling

7. plat: building plot or lot

8. treen: made of wood; wooden

9. oculus: opening at the top of a dome

10. tucket: trumpet flourish or signal

11. riprap: broken stone

12. tootlish: muttering in a childish way

13. pingo: mound in permafrost terrain

14. vitative: loving life

15. ledgit: note or other slip of paper projecting from a book’s pages

16. symphoric: accident-prone

17. maremma: swampy coastline

18. gleet: sticky, greasy, or slimy filth

19. quisquose: hard to deal with; ticklish

20. eoan: pertaining to dawn or the east

21. cruentous: bloody

22. muscid: pertaining to the housefly

23. crinkum: venereal disease

24. pandurate: fiddle- or violin-shaped

25. arles: money to bind a bargain; money up front

26. meline: pertaining to a badger or badgers

27. begrutten: having a face swollen from weeping

28. lentic: dwelling in still or slow-moving waters

29. xeres: sherry

30. ruderous: filled with garbage

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