Undeniable Proof That “The Walking Dead” And “Toy Story” Have The Exact Same Plot

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My god. Redditor John Wray hit the nail on the head.

Morgan Phillips‘s insight:


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If this is FOR REAL. We are all in some serious TROUBLE!



 TAGLINE: Years of research finally produces proof of Ghosts, however,  paranormal detective Robert Prackit might be wishing he never found it.



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MILTON-FREEWATER, Ore. – Here’s one for the unexplained mystery files – a spooky image captured during a photo shoot.

Do you see what’s to the right of the tree? Kind of looks like a figure of a person, doesn’t it? And it’s got Nathan Ziegler, the photographer, more than a little baffled.

You see, he set up a camera at the Old Pioneer Cemetery in Milton-Freewater, Ore., and let it run on its own for a few hours. What he wanted was a nice time-lapse of the sunset. What he got was a strange image that appears only in one frame and then disappears. Ziegler shows what he captured in this video:

Was it a ghost? Could it have actually been a real person? Did a tree branch fall? Is it all just an elaborate hoax? Who knows at this point – we’d love to hear you weigh in on our comment board.