STORY IDEA: Gale Force Winds

A comedy movie called Gale Force Winds

HIGH CONCEPT: A long time weatherman from southern Arizona finally gets the assignment he has always wanted. He is transferred to Key West to cover the Hurricane Season.

If you have been to the desert where the weather is for the most part pretty stable…HOT OR COLD….and DRY…. Imagine being transferred to Key West to cover the Hurricane season with little to no advanced warning or training.

Max Patrick is just the man to do the job!….

READY FOR YOUR REMIX: Gag Recap 8/29/12

Four Panel Cartoon – first panel = two triangle warning flags and wind blowing a little “Gale Flag” – second panel = rectangle red flag with black square in center and wind picked pretty strong- “Tropical Storm Flag” third panel = two tropical storm flags and wind very strong – “Hurricane Flag” – final panel = family in a living room hiding behind a reclining chair holding a white flag  and TV set blasting away “Political Convention Flag” ~By: Joe Heller on the Cagle Post

Chew on it and see how you can spin it with a new idea!

LITTLE HELP – Imagine what the above description would look like…then create you own version but mix it up with another topic LIKE – Your Mom yelling at you after you not cleaning your room….or maybe it is road rage….or a famous baseball player yelling at an umpire…

Now check out Joe Heller’s version


READY FOR YOUR REMIX – Gag ReCap 08/08/2012

Food for thought…. a nice little Gag ReCap for you….

CARTOON: Olympic Setting, Giant muscular, balding man on his tip-toes with a shriveling referee in his mighty grasp.  CAPTION: “You’re disqualifying me for using steroids?…Just you wait until I tell my husband” BY: Schoor.

Chew on it and see how you can spin it with a new idea!

READY FOR YOUR REMIX – Gag ReCap 08/02/2012

CARTOON: Submarine underwater, a girl swimming by fast CAPTION: “Relax it is not a torpedo, It’s Ye Shiwen on a practice swim” BY: Cardow