20 more topics to write about for your Monday.

Get your writing day started with one or two of these, and save a couple for tomorrow.  It’s a nice set of twenty to put into action….Frame a story around one, make a joke or strip with one.

  1. Some people get to pass go automatically
  2. My wife she….!?!?!
  3. Your worst influence in life
  4. Smoke something….anything
  5. What would you have printed on the side of a condom?
  6. Who did you believe when you were growing up?
  7. Your digital selfie
  8. Hiring contracts to do work on your house
  9. My wife wants to go antiquing
  10. Who tells the truth to reporters?
  11. Are you tired of watching your cholesterol?
  12. What makes a pimp happy?
  13. Something you thought, but cannot say?
  14. Cotton candy at a state fair
  15. Neighbors barking dogs
  16. Get your education
  17. I met my dad for the first time when I was 10.
  18. What is a mystery to you?
  19. If there is anything I can do?
  20. When kids interrupt

If you would like a bigger list contact me….

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