10 Quick GAG ideas for Cartoonist – #11


“Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprung up.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Need an idea for tomorrow’s deadline? 

Try one of these out:

1. Pet boutique: Lady trying hats on her poor purse Dog. It’s embarrassed: “OK, just think about the treats, the treats, the treats, not the humiliation.”

2. Restaurant Kitchen: Two chef’s looking at another chef covered with pasta spitting out of a machine. “Kitchen Wars”

3. Men’s Public bathroom looking at the outside of two stalls: Fart cloud coming from one stall, and from the other, “How about a gas mask and a courtesy flush?

4. Man sitting at the computer. He is hitting the delete button as fast as he can. His girlfriend/wife is standing over his shoulder. “You’re shopping again aren’t you.”

5. Dog smoking a cigar and a cat a pipe in a living room next to a mad owner. “I guess you have not heard about secondhand smoke.”

6. Two cats with reindeer antlers talking. “I feel like a bad ass.”

7. At your next job interview use finger puppets to act out that your “biggest strength or weakness.”

8. Man with extremely bad nose hair at a barber supply shop looking at trimmers. Store Clerk says, “Can I help… your nose sir?”

9. Do you think the inventors of chemical weapons go to the front of the line in Hell? Are they the Devil’s favorite? Or does he give them a special lab in Hell to continue their work?  Several lines at the gates of hell, with signs saying – “Murderers” “Financial Thieves” “Chemical Weapon Makers and Users”

10. Healthy Snack vending machine at a Chemical Weapons Factory break room. It is next to a very unhealthy snack machine. The unhealthy snack machine has a line.


11. Family game night. Everyone is dressed in football gear sitting at a table about to play some board games. “Robinson Friday Night Family Game Night under the Kitchen light”


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