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This is the Creative Crowbar – A content resource website –  It’s a mental gymnastic / observation website where ideas and inspirations are stored and discussed. It is a collection of ideas which should be used to help move you forward with your projects

It’s a unique resource for ideas, technical or unusual words, or that little ingenious spark to get your creativity flowing!

“Think of The Creative Crowbar as inspiration…when you need it.”

The Creative Crowbar isn’t a “how to” guide or an instruction manual, but it is the just-in-time way to wake up your imagination.

When you need an idea to get things going at any point in your creative process—beginning, middle, or end—browse through a volume of The Creative Crowbar (in production) or the website and find what you need. You could only need a word to spark things or to solve a problem, which is what it’s all about!.

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The Creative Crowbar

The goal of The Creative Crowbar is to provide lists and images to help stimulate thoughts to be used by writers and other creatives. These list are especially geared towards – sitcom writers, comics, short story writers, novelist, bloggers, and/or anyone who writes fiction. I understand each writer has their own ideas, however, when you’re on the day to day grind, and it’s just not coming to you, and you have tried all of those writer’s block tactics, come here to this site. If you are a cartoonist and have a monthly deadly, weekly, daily, deadline but no ideas come to the site.Quick


Say you are a comedian, and you have been out on the prowl researching for your nest material. Yo have been to an “Old Folks Home.” talked to the employees and the people living there. You have some ideas bust don’t know where to start. Well, either come to the Creative Crowbar or get out a volume of the book and start looking through it for that spark which you can combine with your gathered research.

What is more important?

Think about any experience you have had with an retirement community home. Look at the list below. What you use to combine with what you know?

Coverage of comics: – Far Side – Gary Larson – 1988 MAY NY Times – Penguin walks into a bar full of Polar bears, and says “A round for everyone on me”


Bull Rider Panicked
Cream Pie Judge
Pass, Shoot, Score
Genuine Rawhide
Ken Dolls Salvaged
Driveling Droll
Twisted Metal
Over Positive
Emotional Camouflage
Baby that’s Astonishing
Noble Breed

List of unusual combinations (a noun?):

Tigers on a deserted island
Peanut Butter and Spikes
Rain Storm and Cereal
Lace, wax, and NYC Taxi Cab

List of ideas used to be re-tooled

Gas monster comes out of the top of a gas pump
Toys come alive when your not around
Animals take on human traits
Planet Earth is covered completely with water

OK…Did you see anything?  How about taking people living is a  Retirement Home Community and combining it in some creative way with Tigers on a deserted island. There has to be something The Creative Crowbar - THINKfunny you can come up with the combination. See how it works? The Creative crowbar is not writing your comedy, it is giving you a little nudge. Not everything will be useful, but I am sure something can help.


Need some one on one help?

PROFESSIONAL IDEA/CONCEPT RESEARCH CONSULTANT – I also do consultation. If you are a writer and need specific ideas, I can research and provided you concepts for new content. Example: If you are a writer for Family Guy and you need more punch lines, or gags, or topic research, I can research and send you new material ideas to work with. I don’t write the jokes, or the characters, but I can do some the leg work for you. If you follow a certain comic strip and you need daily coverage I can provide a break down for you each week.

NOTE: I really love to just have fun with creative things in life. That is all that really matters besides things like responsibility, integrity,  perseverance. I take those pretty serious as well. So if you are thinking about working with me…I say, give me a shot and see what happens. Something will come out of it for sure.

NOTE 2:  I know there are some talented writers and grammar tacticians/ninjas out there who could have written that last few sentences better, but that is not what I am working to achieve. I do ideas and concepts and leave the creation and editing up to the perspective experts. 

“Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprung up.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

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